Doing things together, which you cannot do alone!

Working at an international association for vocational education and training, I see on a daily basis how important it is to establish good partnerships and maybe even more important: to maintain them!

When we speak about mobility, it is all about finding the right safe and relevant environment for learners to do a part of their training abroad. As we have less control over what is happening during the work placement abroad than in our own country, even a higher pressure is put on the quality of this work placement and the mentor. Based on experiences, it helps significantly when you have contacts abroad who can help you out in finding such work placement environment. The so called ‘mutual trust’ is an essential element in making a work placement a success. It makes that both sending and receiving parties, but let´s not forget the families and friends, have trust in the way that the training, coaching, supervision and the support of the learner is organized and provided when the learner is abroad.

In our network, we support this kind of networks. It really contributes to a higher quality in work placements as organizations start already before the placement to collaborate on the learning outcomes, objectives and the tools and procedures to assess the learner.

iMOVE goes actually one step further, as it is not focused on bilateral contacts, but on the creation of an entire network of public and private organizations in Europe which have an interest in mobility. They can be a hosting organization, they can bring you in contact with a suitable work placement company or provide assistance in the hosing country.

In other words: In a network you are doing things you cannot do alone! Organizing mobility is a perfect example of this…

Pauline van den Bosch (Senioradvisor European Vocational Training Association)


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