Being mobile in Europa as a teacher or trainer

Are you a teacher at a vocational school or a trainer involved with vocational education? Ever thought about learning or teaching in another European country for some time?

By now, many people know about the possibility to be mobile throughout Europe with the EU-programme Erasmus+, at least for (vocational) students and apprentices.

What many don’t know: also teachers at vocational schools and trainers can take part in a training or work experience abroad.

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity for staff involved in vocational education and training to visit another European country and have a work experience, teach at a college, learn about the vocational system, get to know new teaching methods and much more.

Vocational staff includes for example teachers at vocational schools, but also trainers at companies involved in vocational education, mobility officers and administrative staff working within the sending organisation.

Vocational staff can go abroad between two days and two months, to all EU countries, plus Turkey, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Erasmus+ participants receive a grant through the programme that covers most of the travel and subsistence costs.

If you are interested in such an international experience, contact your Erasmus+ national agency to find out about existing projects in your region: You can also contact the iMove partner in your region (some offer grants for VET staff), or apply for grants for your vocational school until the next deadline in March 2016.


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