Short term mobility projects as an advantage for dual system in Germany

The new Erasmus+ program has started and the schools are making their first experiences with it. So are we!

A lot of things are new in this program and you have to get used to it. One of the new agreements is that you can stay abroad for only two weeks.

First I thought this is a very short period, too short to really get an impression about work and life in a foreign country. But now I changed my mind!

As we in Germany have the dual system in the vocational training where the young people are paid during their apprenticeship a lot of the companies are not very enthusiastic to miss their employees for 3 or more weeks but have to pay for them.

So for us it is always difficult to convince the companies of the added value for the young people and the company as well.

Now I found out that the short period of two weeks staying abroad makes it much easier for the companies to agree in a work placement for their young employees and the first reactions I got from them were very positive. So I hope that they see the benefit of work placements and will agree to longer periods in the future.

Another advantage for iMove will be that those companies maybe are willing to join our network. After some good experiences with work placements they might see the chance for their own company finding young qualified employees from abroad.


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