Smart solution for employability

„iMove project is a response to Europe’s problems related to demographics, unemployment and migration from outside the European Union.

In the northern European countries demographic phenomena such as the rapidly aging population and declining birthrate effect of increasing labor costs. This leads to a situation where a growing demand to provide jobs and reduce the supply.

This causes a problem with the selection of qualified staff. This problem can be solved in two ways. The first, which has been used so far, it’s wide open the doors of the European Union for workers from outside Europe. The second way, which is more effective is linked to internal migration. For example, at very high rate of unemployment in the countries of southern and relatively high in central Europe, these countries are developing very quickly in terms of industry. It can therefore be concluded that the employees with large powers of innovation will be needed there. Thereby, the solution may be to train and show them the chance to work in other European country. This is the potential of iMove network.”

Łukasz Osiński (Chamber of Commerce of Central Europe, Poland)


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