IFOA goes to Greece promoting new projects and the iMove network

IFOA goes to Greece promoting new projects and the iMove network.

IFOA took part in the Erasmus+ training project “GAME OF CHALLENGES” in Skoulikaria (Greece) in May 2015, and was invited to present new EU projects and the iMove network during the “Organizations Fair” held in Arta on Sunday 10th. Here you can find the audio of the interviews made by a local web radio: http://www.spreaker.com/user/orangeradionet/organizations-expo-in-arta
The project – organized by the Inter Alia association – was focused on three key issues: crisis, community, learning. All the topics were considered closely connected and particularly relevant to the process of social change. The three subjects have been analyzed on different levels (local, national, European, global). Furthermore, some of the interconnections to other contemporary challenges of Europe were discussed such as: the (lack of) common European sense of belonging, social inclusion, participation and mobilization, the personal and collective capacity of dealing with difficulties and crises.

game.of_.challenges_IFOA_phptp II_0
In order for Europe to overcome the current crisis united, it is essential that a series of conceptual, social, institutional and educational issues are highlighted and addressed both at personal level and collectively. In this framework, learning mobility – and the iMove perspective – was considered as one of the key element for youth development.


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