outgoing Mobility for students from kungsbacka

”The Gothenburg Regional Association of Local Authorities (GR) is a co-operative organisation uniting thirteen municipalities in western Sweden. The combined population of these municipalities is almost 950.000 inhabitants. The task of the association is to promote co-operation over municipal borders and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience within the region. “

The municipality of Kungsbacka, with around 78,000 inhabitants, is one of the larger municipalities in the Gothenburg region. The managament for secondary and adult education in Kungsbacka is at the forefront when it comes to internationalization.


The upper secondary school “Elof Lindälv Gymnasium” is currently coordinating an Erasmus+ project called EURIAC (European Industrial Automation Class) Mobility 1. The project is coordinated by Elof Lindälv and was implemented 2013-2015 and is funded by Leonardo da Vinci Mobility in Vocational Education.

The project offers students in automation at the Electricity and Energy Program and the Industrial Technology program, to undertake part of their education at one of the project’s partner schools in Finland or the Netherlands. The school also organizes two so-called European classes during the project, which involves taking pupils from their partner schools and teaches a course in security systems in English during a three week period.

The mobility exchanges are based on the courses and collaborative arrangements developed under the project EURIAC conducted in 2011-2013. http://www.ecvet-projects.eu/Documents/Seminars/Presentations/Workshop3a%20Pernilla%20Oehberg.pdf

Outgoing mobilities for students at the “Restaurant and Food programme” have also been organized through the Atlas program.

The educational management at Kungsbacka has created a solid structure around organizing outgoing mobilities for students and staff, but very little is done towards organizing incoming mobilities. This is an area where they would like to increase their efforts, but is unable to due to lack of resources and contacts to handle the incoming students. GR is investigating possible strategies concerning co-ordination of incoming mobilities. There are similarities with other municipalities in the GR region, and it would be interesting if a regional approach could be developed.


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