In a previous post has been shown the importance and the benefits of cooperation, and a great example of it was the “i-Move program”. Today we’ll talk about “how to create a network” or how to organize in order work collaboratively.

A network implies the participation of at least 3 members, and many times happens to be a lot more. In case of i-Move, at first there are 11 members getting together but the network will probably grow up as it is opened to get more entities in. When so many organizations want to cooperate, at first it can be quite difficult. Although the main aim of the network will be the same for all the members, the “smaller objectives” can be different for everyone. Every member is different from each other and has its own needs, but when cooperating is important to “give and take” and to have clear what the aim of gathering together is.

Furthermore, an effective and well-defined organization is needed; the definition and division of tasks and workload, creating a good communication system, creating procedures for achieving the aim, defining procedures for assessing the whole process, etc.

Finally, the network needs to have a defined legal structure in order to proceed legally. The selection of such legal structure is often complicated; having a well defined aim of the network is helpful to begin, but there are multiple other aspects to take into account; number of employees, the selection and location of the headquarters, the seed capital required, the financial sources, and so on. Nevertheless, once again cooperating could be a “solution”; the collaboration of all the members when defining all those aspects is really helpful, as it enables to identify the legal structure that suits best for the network.blog_header


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