Gathering together for common purpose

There are multiple aspects in life where human beings need to come together and perform as a team in order to achieve a certain aim or objective. The same happens with organizations. A company can be awesome in its core activity and it may be the leader of its industry during a period of time, but the environment changes; new competitors appear, the main competitor launches a revolutionary product or service, substitutive products start getting more attention from the customers, customers are asking for a change, etc. In such cases, a company needs to have an overview of what is happening and what may happen in order to overcome it. Moreover, when facing some of the changes, a company needs to collaborate with other organizations (public or private) otherwise; the result won’t be as good as it could. Nevertheless, during the years, performing collaboratively has been rejected by some people and entities. For these, the idea of sharing their knowledge and resources is “losing power”, whereas, for others means to multiply each company’s and/or person’s strengths.

The situation written above has happened (in some way) in the VET (Vocational Education & Training) industry all around Europe. The European Union and the VET providers have realized that a change is needed in this industry, especially in the students’ mobility within Europe.

The mobility of students is really important; it enriches the student both, personally and professionally. Professionally it enables them to learn different manners of working, organizing, communicating, understanding the economy, etc. And, personally, they get to get along with people from different cultures, people with different lifestyle and habits, diverse life perspectives, and so on.

But, although the benefits of mobility where clear, there was a problem or barrier that wasn’t enabling mobility to happen as much as it could; each VET provider acted individually. This situation result in a low percentage of mobility and a low liability from the companies (the ones that get the trainees). So, a solution was needed; i-Move. i-Move is a network composed of different organizations and VET providers from multiple European countries. They have gathered together to face the mobility “problem” by taking advantage of each member’s strengths. This solution will increase the trust (of the companies that get the trainees) in the mobility program, it will help reducing time & economic costs (travels, accommodation, etc,), and an effective management of mobility will increase the number of ingoing and outgoing VET students.





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