Kungsbacka Municipality has achieved success in its internationalization efforts by focusing on the interaction between education and work, within the framework of vocational training including internship and studies in the EU.

“European Class in Industrial Automation” has recently been recognized by a panel of experts from the European Commission, which has highlighted the project as very successful. The award goes to projects that have distinguished themselves through their impact on decision making, innovative results and creative approach that can be a source of inspiration for others.

Secondary and Adult Education in Kungsbacka Municipality, together with Elof Lindälvs gymnasium have since 2009 pursued a trans-national school development work within the framework of the concept of European Class. It began when Kungsbacka, together with partners in Spain, France, Poland, Ireland and Romania, created an approach offering vocational students in secondary education a vehicle to read part of their education at another school in Europe. The project has over the years been supported by EU funds under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Internships are seen as an increasingly important element of school-work collaboration as it helps to give students a broader experience of working life. The increasing need of qualitative work-practice experiences is something that managers at GR Praktikplatsen.se (department at GR that coordinates work-practice placements locally/regionally) notice a higher awareness of.

Internship in another country will not only create a greater understanding of other cultures, but could also lead to greater employability after graduation. Within the framework of the EU project iMove (Innovation on the Mobility in Vocational Education) GR is involved in exploring the possibility of creating sustainable structures for internship exchanges in Europe for students who take upper secondary vocational education. Kungsbacka, as well as other municipal authorities, have come a long way in this work, there are many opportunities but there are also a number of challenges to overcome. On 17th May, the GR will hold a breakfast meeting on this theme with participants from the iMOVE organization, local VET schools and authorities, businesses and branch organizations. Also participating in this event is UHR (Universitets- och Högskolerådet) the Swedish national agency for Erasmus+.

Read more about Kungsbacka success story award here:




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