6th Imove meeting, Wroclaw

zdjęcie iMove

To present the recent developments regarding the structure and the working mechanism of the network, 6th meeting of Imove was held in Wroclaw, Poland on 28-29 April. Funded by Lifelong Learning Program, meeting gathered members of the Imove network, government officials and stakeholder to the conference room in Lower Silesian Marshall’s office.

The first day of the conference started with the welcome speech of Dorota Kowalska from Semper Avanti. After the introduction, the first part of the conference started with the presentation of Andrea Lombardi from Uniser. Andrea presented the recent developments of Imove network and its progress during the two years of the project also the planned future of the idea of the network.

After the lunch, members discussed the future of Imove and how the network can expand their members and which strategies should be used to promote it. Members also planned the structure of the upcoming launch conference. Around the end of the day new Imove database was presented by UNISER.

The second day started with the same motivation and dedication of the first day. Members discussed the networking possibilities among the countries. And which methods should be used for recruiting new members and school to develop internship accessibility was also a topic.

Meeting was ended by closing sessions and 6th Imove meeting was officially ended.


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