“News from Imove partners; Arbeit und Leben”

Created as an innovative solution to Europe wide vocational education, Imove consist in various member from EU member states. As one of them, Arbeit und Leben, created with the motto “Qualification without borders”. Their aim is encouraging people to expand their knowledge and to move off the beaten track of thinking. And they did quite a successful job over the years. Recently they had another achievement. Let’s read their success story!

The 2016 Erasmus+ application of iMove partner Arbeit und Leben Hamburg has been successful! 720 Erasmus+ grants will be available over the next two years.

350 of the grants are for apprentices and vocational students of the iMove consortium in Hamburg. 120 are for the consortium’s vocational education (VET) staff and the remaining 250 grants are for individual placements of apprentices from the whole of Germany.

We are looking forward to continue sending young people and experts to our iMove partners all over Europe, to learn, to experience top quality work placements and get to know the working environment in other European countries.


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