News from “The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa”

img-20160309-wa0006The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa presented Imove network at  “Connecting Chambers”, the European Chambers annual event in Brussels. Imove video was shown and Imove Mobility Multi-Stakeholders Platform concept was introduced raising great interest among the attendees, as being a particular kind of mobility consortium involving public and private stakeholders with a great local impact. Specially remarkable were the interest of Italian Chambers working already in Mobility projects, to attend Imove final conference to be held next  17th-18th November in Bologna, Italy.  Building a mobility consortium is not easy, so the methods and infrastructure built by means of Imove were welcomed as a facilitator that will able to accelerate the process. Also German and Spanish Chambers showed interest in taking part in Imove network activities as many of them are already involved in mobility projects.

20160309_121249It is also important to comment that many Chambers belonging to the European Enterprise Network offered to widespread Imove network results and final conference among its members. Being EEN members’ business support organizations, their enrollment in Imove network, playing the role as the private part in Mobility Multi-Stakeholders Platform mobility consortia, could be key for recruiting more companies taking part in mobility traineeships.

More than 70 European Chambers representatives were present at the “Connecting Chambers” the European event for cooperation.


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