iMove Launch Conference – a quick sum up

Participants_IMN (1).jpg

On 16th-18th November 2016 a group of members and employees of Semper Avanti from Wrocław, Poland took a part in iMove Launch Conference in Bolonia, Italy. Mentioned event summed up all the development of the network since it creation in 2014 and was also an opportunity to talk about its future. It was an amazing experience that helped to gather lots of organizations from across Europe and made us realized what kind of opportunities but also obstacles (that we need to overcome) are waiting for network’s members in the future.

„iMove is an umbrella organization bringing together stakeholders involved in the co-ordination of transnational learning mobility of students and staff in vocational education. It is a network promoting a sustainable model to make learning mobility an opportunity provided by all vocational schools and training centres in Europe.”

From the opening speech from Francesca Bergamini to the lunch buffet during which networking magic was happening you could see and hear that phrase „Culture of mobility” (which was used to sum up the aim of iMove) has a really deep meaning to the participants.

Welcome desk_IMN.jpgDuring many important presentations and lectures all participants (already belonging to the network and ones that are interested in joining it) were able to learn what results iMove project already achieved and what to do to start amazing adventure that being a member of iMove network can be.

Many of speakers – from representatives of Emilia Romagna Region to members of invited organizations from whole Europe – believed that mobility can be a key to resolve many issues that currently our continent needs to face. It was inspiring to hear so many people with such strong motivation and faith in projects conducted by them.

From the really detailed speech done by Gianluca Calzolari participants could learn that known to many of us Europass format is going to change. The approach is to change it from document based to service based so it will be more useful for future candidates and employers.

Uniser staff_IMN.jpgWe also get to know the winners of Learning Mobility Video Contest. The winner was Blanca from Spain with her short movie about project in Cyprus that she participated in. She won an iPad but also an amazing experience and a prestige opportunity to share her story with us. Her movie is a good example of the impact that our projects have on young people’s life. We were also able to see movies of Francesco and Anna that won second and third place.

This wonderful event took place in marvelous auditorium of Palazzo d’Accursio and gave many partners to meet and talk about the future of the network and their projects. Let’s hope that they will keep up Energy that they have shown during the official and not-so-official discussions and will really work to help young European people to get new skills and change the world.

We should never forget about hashtag #Makemobilityareality created for this conference and tasty polish sweets that help many of us to raise sugar level on the last day of conference.


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